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Aims & Ethos

Our Mission Statement
Pupils of Moon Hall School for Dyslexic Children will have their Literacy and Numeracy needs addressed by dyslexia specialist teachers in such a way that the gap between attainment and potential for achievement be diminished as rapidly as feasible.

By these means and aware pastoral care, we aim to raise pupils’ self-esteem and to instill an accurate self-image as capable learners.

The Aims and Ethos
•    To provide a complete education for children of at least average ability who have been found to be dyslexic by an independent Educational Psychologist.

•    To raise the self-esteem of children who often arrive discouraged and frustrated by their difficulties.

•    To encourage our pupils to acknowledge their strengths and talents and to help them develop these to their full potential.

•    To enable pupils to master basic literacy and numeracy skills in as short a time as possible.

•    To return them to mainstream schooling, when this is appropriate, normally at Year 7. It is possible to transfer earlier if sufficient progress has been made. (We must be as certain as possible that children are moving into success and not into a situation where they will re-experience failure). Pupils who come late, may require ongoing support at secondary level, and our senior school, Moon Hall College at Leigh, near Reigate, is able to offer further specialist provision.

•    All parents and pupils should feel that they may approach any member of staff - teaching, administrative or management with any concern at any time.

•    To be aware of parental opinion.
There are two parental questionnaires:-
   One is completed when a child is accepted and is largely about the physical health, social and educational background of the pupil - although it also focuses on parental aspirations for the future.

  A second questionnaire is sent out later so that parental opinion can help formulate school policy. However, such opinion cannot be allowed to dictate school policy and it must be borne in mind that there will always be differing opinions amongst parents regarding educational issues, etc.

•    To keep parents informed regarding all aspects of their child's development.

We publish a newsletter and communicate with parents through our email and texting service.