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We follow the National Curriculum with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy for our full-time pupils.  Pupils are not taught French.

Moon Hall School's aim is to enable children to master basic Language and Maths skills to a point where they can achieve their potential in a normal classroom. Specialist tuition in very small groups enables us to address the remedial needs of the individual child.

In our Year 6 Form, pupils are prepared for Key Stage II SATS Tests which take place towards the end of the academic year. Although we do not have to enter our children, we opt to do so to give them a nationally recognised target at which to aim. Self-esteem is boosted as they feel the equal of their non-dyslexic peers and many actually achieve better results than are expected of children of this age!

Our English Staff are specialists in their field. They are entirely conversant with highly structured multi-sensory remedial programmes - based on the work of leading dyslexia theorists. We offer a full English course, based on the National Curriculum, incorporating the Phono-Graphixsound to symbol to meaning’ system of teaching reading, comprehension and spelling.

As far as we know we were the first specialist school in the United Kingdom to adopt Phono-Graphix in 1998. This programme enables us to address the difficulties with phonology which dyslexic people experience. Additionally it allows our pupils to access the English language code with relative speed. Our results have always been good but Phono-Graphix has enabled us to help our children to achieve gains in reading much more speedily.

We teach parents about our Phono-Graphix methodology so that they can support their children effectively and to help them appreciate the nature of the English code and why it is so difficult for dyslexic individuals to master.