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Examinations and Tests

Full-time pupils are examined at the end of the Summer Term and the results reported to parents in the Annual Report. We use QCA Optional Tests which give NC levels for English and Maths. Teacher Assessments track progress in all subjects and are reported to parents as national curriculum levels.

At the end of KS 2 those pupils capable of getting Level 3 in English and/or Maths will be entered for the SATs. As an independent school we can choose whether our Year 6 pupils should sit the end of KS2 Tests or not. Our pupils' progress is carefully monitored throughout their time with us using standardised assessments and NC objectives. It is, therefore, logical to offer our pupils the opportunity to demonstrate to themselves and their parents that they have caught up with their non-dyslexic peers, despite their early struggles with literacy and numeracy. Results are sent out in July. Recent research has shown that only 40% of SEN pupils achieve Level 4 (national average) in KS2 SATs, signifying that 60% of special needs pupils will go into Secondary unable to adequately access the curriculum after 7 years at school!