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Our classes are known by their names, rather than Years, as pupils have the option to remain in a class for two years if required, giving maximum opportunity to consolidate vital literacy and numeracy skills whilst benefiting from a rolling curriculum in other subjects. The maximum number of pupils in each of our full-time classes is currently 14. Each class has a form teacher and a team teacher for English and maths, so that children are taught in groups of approximately 7 for these core subjects.

All teachers who teach English have Phono-Graphix certification and the majority of the teaching staff have additional post-graduate qualifications in teaching dyslexic pupils and classroom assistants are also SEN trained, either in house or through CLANSA* training.

Pupils follow a minimally modified National Curriculum in all subjects except a modern foreign language. There is a strong emphasis on ICT and pupils are taught using multi-sensory methods with considerable opportunities for reinforcement throughout the curriculum.

All pupils are taught to touch-type and the school encourages the use of netbooks (school provided) and lap-tops when appropriate typing speeds are reached.

*If a newly appointed Form Teacher has not already undertaken post-graduate dyslexia training, this is required during the first year and the teacher is mentored by the HoD. Moon Hall has a very slow rate of staff turnover, so this situation only occurs infrequently.

** Certificate of Literacy and Numeracy Support Assistant.