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Reporting to Parents

Moon Hall has a strong belief in transparency and accountability. It is right and proper that parents are informed not only of progress but of what their child is being taught in school. To that end we publish details of the aspects of the curriculum to be covered throughout the year in all subjects. Parents are, therefore, able to plan visits and outings to support learning if they wish. English and Maths are presently exceptions to this rule and we find it more satisfactory to send Syllabus Reports home on a termly basis to inform parents what aspects of the National Curriculum and the Primary Literacy and Numeracy Framework have been covered during the term.

The school has a genuine Open Door policy. Teachers can be reached by telephone (they may have to return your call when they are non-contact), and the Head Teacher can be reached by phone, preferably after three p.m. Alternatively, our school Secretary will always make you an appointment and it is usually possible to see a member of staff or the Head within two days of your call, and often sooner.

Where a pupil is Belmont-based, you should contact Belmont directly (usually the Form Teacher) unless you wish to discuss a dyslexia-related matter, including English or Maths provision at Moon Hall and advice re future schools. In the latter instance, you will also wish to consult the Belmont Headmistress.

Reports on Attainment
Standardised Test results are reported in writing in September and March. They cover English and Maths only.

QCA Standardised Assessment Tests (equivalent to school examinations) End of Year examinations in English and Maths take place at KS2 and KS3, where applicable, using QCA Optional Tests and levels are reported to parents. End of KS2 SATs results are reported to parents, when the results have been sent to the school by QCA, usually by mid-July.
Pupils who are not working at Level 3, are disapplied in line with Statutory guidelines.

Teacher Assessment NC Levels
NC Levels for foundation subjects are reported to parents annually with the Annual report to parents.

Reports on Progress and Achievement
Parents’ Evenings are held in the late Michaelmas Term (English and Maths only) and in the Lent Term (all subjects).
The Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist are available during these meetings.

Full-Time pupils receive one full written report in the Summer Term which covers Attainment, Progress and Achievement, and reports NC curriculum levels for all subjects.

Part-time pupils receive two full written reports for English, typing and Maths (if applicable) – one at the end of the Autumn Term and one in the Summer Term.

Individual Educational Programmes – Literacy/Therapy (where applicable)
Each pupil has a programme with Group and Individual targets. They are reviewed twice a year, following Attainment Tests, and discussed with parents during the Parents’ Evenings.