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Skills for Life

While our focus is on the vital skills of literacy and numeracy;  additionally, however, we place emphasis on teaching good touch-typing and word processing skills as well as study skills, including memory techniques.   We believe in fostering the individual talents of our pupils, many of whom have talents in the visual and performing arts and in design and design technology.

Every child is taught touch-typing from the age of 7 for we believe a word-processing package with suitable spell-check to be an invaluable tool for a dyslexic. Accelerated learning techniques are employed initially and appropriate software is used for reinforcement. Typing tuition is also available for external pupils and classes are run after school – please ask at the Moon Hall School Office regarding vacancies.

Once a pupil can touch-type, word-processing is introduced. In June 1996 we entered our first candidates for Oxford, Cambridge and R.S.A. (O.C.R.) examinations - usually taken by 16 year olds to adults. Successes achieved then and since include 100% Distinctions in Initial Text Processing - an hour-long examination.

Study Skills enable our children to adopt helpful strategies for learning, revising and for sitting examinations; they are integrated into specialist teaching throughout the curriculum. The ICT and English curriculum allows the use of Kidspiration mind-mapping software. Voice activated software is available, though difficult to use for most pupils for a variety of reasons.