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Specialist Departments

Moon Hall believes in looking after the whole child. We do everything possible to help him or her to perform efficiently in all ways - intellectually and physically. Our Speech and Language Therapist assesses all new pupils and works with dyslexic pupils who have associated speech and language problems.  Some children will require individual therapy but others have the advantage of receiving help from the therapist during lessons.  Emphasis is placed on empowering teaching and support staff to implement recommended programmes and we employ a Therapy Assistant who works with the children at the direction of the therapists. Where appropriate, small groups are run to address specific areas of difficulty.

The Ansua Programme is a series of exercises from which some pupils benefit.   They are supervised by our Occupational Therapist and delivered by specially trained assistants. We also have our own “monkey bars” on land adjacent to MHS and activity on this apparatus further improves strength of the upper body.

“Hand Gym” activities are devised by our O.T. to help handwriting and fine motor control and are again supervised by teaching staff and by our Therapy Assistant.

A Visiting Optometrist, who has specialized in the visual effects of dyslexia, screens pupils for visual problems that could affect learning. Where necessary programmes of eye exercises are prescribed and are carried out for a short time each day for as long as needed.

In all instances, the primary need must be dyslexia. We are not the right school for children who require considerable input for severe language processing difficulties, severe dyspraxia, or other developmental difficulties.