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Prior to coming to us, many of our pupils have had such a negative experience trying to learn to read that they have lost faith in themselves and their own ability. It is indeed a sad thing to judge oneself a "failure" at age seven, but it becomes magnified by age nine or ten. It is both a joy and a privilege to be able to help those children and to see them grow in self-worth and confidence as their literacy and numeracy skills improve.

I maintain my interest in psychological research into the causes of dyslexia and have welcomed a number of researchers in the field, latterly University College London. I have always aimed to ensure that Moon Hall School is aware of the latest developments in the dyslexia field so that our pupils can enjoy the fullest understanding of their difficulties and the best means of overcoming them.

Many dyslexics are creative, innovative thinkers and may exhibit exceptional right-brain strengths. We seek to recognise and foster those natural talents, whether in art, drama, design and technology, sport or computing. A significant number of pupils have gained scholarships to other schools. Several have graduated with good degrees. We have former pupils who have graduated from Oxbridge colleges.   We were particularly gratified when we heard that one of our former pupils, who arrived aged nine, unable to read, is now reading English at Bangor University!

You are very welcome to visit us. You will find a friendly, happy atmosphere where the children (and staff) enjoy each other's company. Moon Hall School is a stimulating and exciting place and many comment on the "buzz" and dynamism they detect.

I am always happy to discuss the needs of any dyslexic child, whether or not you are considering our school, and I hope you will pick up the phone and pay us a visit.

I look forward to meeting you!

Pamela Lore
Head Teacher, Moon Hall School for Dyslexic Children


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